Michelin XLEZ 14PLY 275/80R22.5

Michelin XLEZ 14PLY 275/80R22.5


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275/80R22.5 Michelin X Line Energy Z Commercial Truck Tire (14 Ply) The X Line Energy Z from Michelin is a radial trailer tire for commercial trucks used in line haul applications. The X Line Energy Z tire features low rolling resistance for enhanced fuel economy. Built with a dual compound tread that offers both durability and fuel economy. X Line Energy Z tires are SmartWay verified and offer long tread life and durability. For the Michelin X Line Energy Z commercial truck tire, call or order from our online tire store today. Manufacturer: Michelin Tire Ply Rating: 16 Load Rating: H Loaded Radius: 18.7 Inches Overall Diameter: 40.1 Inches Overall Width: 11.0 Inches Approved Rims: 7.50, 8.25 Minimum Dual Spacing: 12.2 RPM: 517 Tread Depth: 19 (32nds) Max Speed: 75 MPH Max Load (Single): 7160 lbs at 120 psi Max Load (Dual): 6610 lbs at 120 psi Tire Weight: 115.3 lbs

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